Gastric Balloon

What is the gastric balloon procedure?

This is a weight-loss procedure that involves the placement of a saline-filled silicone balloon in the patient’s stomach.

This balloon will fill part of the stomach and make the patient feel full more quickly, resulting in the reduction of the amount of food the patient consumes, and therefore weight-loss.

Many patients opt to get this surgery in Mexico as the gastric balloon cost in Mexico can be more affordable.

Benefits of Gastric Balloon Mexico

This procedure along with helping patients to achieve weight loss, it can help to reduce problems related to certain conditions including:

- Diabetes
- Hypertension
- Osteoarthritis
- Heart Disease

Gastric Balloon Procedure Step-by-step

Before the procedure begins, your doctor may apply a sedative, so you don’t feel any discomfort.

To start the procedure, your doctor will place an endoscope in the back of your throat. You will be asked to swallow when the endoscope is in your throat, so it can pass down into your stomach.

Then, your doctor will check if there are any problems such as inflammation or ulcers. If all is clear, they will proceed to pass the deflated balloon with help of the endoscope.

The balloon will be attached to a soft tube, which your doctor will use to inflate the balloon with air and saline.

A gastric balloon can be left in the stomach for 6 months. After this period it has to be removed by your doctor.

This procedure normally takes 20 minutes to an hour. Patients can go home 1 or 2 hours after surgery is finished. Some patients may have to go home the day after.

Gastric Balloon Recovery

During the recovery period, you will have to take only liquids for a few weeks. After this, you will be able to consume soft foods, and after approximately two weeks you will progress to solid foods.

It is recommended to avoid heavy physical activity during the first 2 weeks after balloon placement.

There might be some abdominal pain or discomfort for a few weeks, but this will improve over time. If the pain worsens or doesn’t go away contact your doctor immediately. 

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