Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) sessions involve the use of a specialized pressurized hyperbaric chamber to expose the body to increased levels of oxygen.

During these sessions, the patient will breathe pure oxygen at higher atmospheric pressure, which will allow the lungs to absorb more oxygen, leading to higher oxygen levels in the bloodstream.

When is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Recommended?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is recommended for a range of medical conditions and situations where increased oxygen levels in the body can be beneficial. Some common situations when HBOT may be recommended include:

·        Gas Embolism: HBOT is used to treat gas embolism, where air bubbles enter the bloodstream, often occurring after scuba diving accidents or medical procedures.

·        Decompression Sickness: HBOT is used to treat divers who experience decompression sickness, also known as “the bends”, caused by ascending too quickly from deep underwater dives.

·        Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: HBOT can effectively reduce the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning by rapidly increasing oxygen levels in the bloodstream and promoting the elimination of carbon monoxide.

·        Slow-Healing Wounds: HBOT can help improve blood flow and promote wound healing in individuals with diabetic foot ulcers, radiation-induced tissue damage, or other chronic non-healing wounds.

Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy offers several potential benefits for various medical conditions which include:

·        Improved Wound Healing: The increased oxygen levels promote tissue regeneration and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, accelerating the healing process.

·        Reduced Inflammation: HBOT can help decrease inflammation by promoting the release of anti-inflammatory substances and reducing tissue swelling.

·        Enhanced Oxygen Delivery: HBOT increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the bloodstream, leading to improved oxygen delivery to tissues and organs.

·        Protection against Infections: HBOT has antimicrobial effects that help fight certain infections, especially those caused by anaerobic bacteria.

It is important to note that while hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be beneficial for specific medical conditions, it may not be suitable for everyone.

What to Expect During a Hyperbaric Chamber Session

Preparing for the Session

Before the hyperbaric chamber session, you will be instructed to remove any flammable items, such as jewelry, watches, and cosmetics, and change into a hospital gown or clothing made of non-synthetic materials.

Entering the Hyperbaric Chamber

You will be assisted to enter the hyperbaric chamber. Once inside, the chamber will be sealed, and the pressure will gradually increase to the prescribed level. You may experience a sensation similar to that of flying in an airplane or going up a mountain.

Breathing Pure Oxygen

As the chamber reaches the desired pressure, you will begin to breathe pure oxygen through a mask. Throughout the session, your vital signs, such as blood pressure and oxygen levels, will be monitored by a healthcare professional.

You will be encouraged to relax, as the treatment session may last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.


After the session is completed, the pressure inside the chamber will be gradually reduced to normal atmospheric levels, allowing you to safely exit the chamber.

After Hyperbaric Chamber Session

Right after the session, you may feel lightheaded or fatigued. It is important to rest for a short while and rehydrate, if needed, to allow the body to recover from the treatment.

There is usually no downtime or restrictions on daily activities, so you’ll be able to resume your normal activities after the session.

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